Shared Mailbox mail sending Problem

I am not able to send the mail via shared Mailbox.
How to send it ??
Can anyone Suggest??

If you are using Office 365, check if the Application has Mail.ReadWrite.Shared API permission (delegated) set. These permissions “Allows the app to create, read, update, and delete mail a user has permission to access, including their own and shared mail. Does not include permission to send mail.”


Mail.Send.Shared → Allows the app to send mail as the signed-in user, including sending on-behalf of others.


No I am not using office 365
I am directly trying to send the mail using send outlook mail activity

If you are using Outlook, find the solution below,

Go to Outlook, Right click your account name, go to Data file properties. Copy the name available there

Navigate to UiPath. In SendOutlookMailMessage Activity, On SendBehalfOfName, paste the copied value

Hope the solution works for you !!

I will try it
Thank you very Much!!

Your welcome

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