How to send on behalf emails using Send Exchange Mail Message Activity?

Hi All,

I want robot can send email on behalf of other person email ID.
I want to use send exchange mail message activity.

Please help.

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Buddy @ronak

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yes buddy you can send a mail from uipath on behalf of a person with send exchange mail message activity by mentioning the properties with details in the send exchange mail activity buddy

For more details buddy @ronak
you can have a look at this buddy


Hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @ronak

Thanks for your quick response.
Its not working saying “No Server Address Provided”


buddy @ronak
may i have a screenshot of your send exchange mail message activity PROPERTY…if possible
Cheers @ronak

Please find screenshot below.

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buddy you need to mention the server name of you email buddy in the server property under connections and may i know to which mail you are sending the mail, like gmail or outlook or anyother mail service
for more details see here buddy already mentioned @ronak

Can anyone explain the mandatory fields for Exchange Mail message actvities and where should we retrieve the information(such as server) from?

Cheers @ronak

now i am getting this error.

What servername you mentioned buddy @ronak


buddy mention this as server buddy

Cheers @ronak

Still Same Error Buddy @Palaniyappan


Buddy @ronak
Kindly check your username and password in the properties whether they are entered correctly buddy
Cheers @ronak

I have checked but unfortunately nothing is working.
Thanks for your support @Palaniyappan

Buddy @ronak the password and username are variables i hope but you have mentioned as a string
just mention as password and userName, remove the double quotes buddy @ronak

not “password” and “userName”


This would work for sure buddy
Cheers @ronak

i am also getting same message…dont know what is the problem(401)unauthorized.