Office 365 - Copy / Move not working as expected

My code which was working fine previously has suddenly started to work differently - without any code changes. I can re-create the same issue in DEV with the same code and suggests an environmental problem, but unable to determine root cause, as no error is generated.

Basically, I am trying to:

  • copy File A from Location X
  • to Location Y, whilst renaming the copied file as File B
    However, the outcome is:
  • File A is copied from Location X
  • as File B (expected) but in Location X rather than Location Y

I have debugged the code in Studio in DEV, and the Destination Location is definitely Location Y - so cannot understand why it is only copying the file within Location X.

Any help or suggestions appreciated !

Using UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities: 1.11.1

This is a known problem with the API from Microsoft: driveItem: copy ignores posted parentReference - Microsoft Q&A
Hopefully, they will fix it soon.