Office 365 - An error occurred sending the request


i have above error in O365 scope or Find Files And Folders activity while creating folders in sharepoint. it worked in most of the cases, in 3 cases only i have got An error occurred sending the request error. Can somebody please help me on this?

Error 2:

I have got Object reference not set to an instance of an object error while uploading the file to SharePoint. I will face this issue occasionally, there is no issue in SharePoint path or filename or local folder path. Can somebody please help me on this?



Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 I have checked that post along few others posts, as i mentioned issue is occurring in some cases only not all the cases

Did you figure out this issue? I get a lot of request timed out and it happens randomly. It’s particularly disastrous if I complete my RPA tasks such as uploading a file to SAP and saving the output to Sharepoint. At the end I’m merely moving the file to Sharepoint and if it returns an exception at that point, I don’t want this process to re-run since technically the process has been complete (SAP Uploaded).

My token is still valid. I’m not sure why Sharepoint Online is inconsistent…

@Shawn_Ngoh Hi, i didn’t get the solution to that, but i didn’t face that issue after that incident