Error when trying to use Microsoft Office 365 activity

Hello, I am trying to update an Excel file that is an attachment in a SharePoint List. I used the Manage Packages and loaded the “Microsoft Office 365” package.
I read the Help on the package, but I am afraid I did not understand what it was telling me. I have attached the Activities I setup in my program can anyone tell me what I am missing. When I use the “Get list info” activity I get the error shown in the attachment.

Check this

below is the error information in the upper right corner. It says it was waiting for login information, but the site access is by group, not login, I do not understand how to setup the first activity for this. nothing in the attached post covers the first activity.


This error shows authorization isn’t completed. It’s O365Scope activity matter.
In general, if we use InteractiveToken authorization, authorization dialog will be shown in first access to O365 (or cache expires) . Have you completed to input credential to it?
If the dialog has never been shown, it might be network settings problem.


Thank You Yoichi,

My problem is I do not know how to setup or register the Scope activity, reading the help on it made no sense to me.
I am trying to find an activity that will allow me to update an excel attachment in a SharePoint List item.