Office 365 Scope - Find Files in Sharepoint


Does anyone have experience/success with uploading files to SP using the Office 365 scope? I have figured out the authentication aspect (for the most part), but I keep getting an error when I try to utilize the ‘Find Files and Folders’ activity and the error code is quite unhelpful:

Code: generalException, message: An error occurred sending the request.

I tried to look through logs but I’m a novice there and nothing struck as worth investigating.

Here are the inputs for the Find Files and Folders.



In my environment, the following settings works.(MicrosoftOffice365 package 1.6.0) So, for now, can you try to have Drive Name property blank?



Hi @Yoichi

Thanks. I did some more digging and was able to find a some more details on the error. It looks like it might actually be authentication related:

RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: generalExceptionMessage: An error occurred sending the request. —> RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Identity.Client.MsalServiceException: AADSTS900384: JWT token failed signature validation [Reason - The provided signature value did not match the expected signature value., Thumbprint of key used by client: ‘xxxx’, Found key ‘Start=12/21/2020 00:00:00, End=12/21/2025 00:00:00’]Trace ID: xxxx

I did some troubleshooting and I think the issue lies in the fact that we use a .US Azure tenant. I was able to successfully connect to a commercial account. Any chance you have had success with a govcloud integration?



Is govcloud for US government? Unfortunately, I haven’t use it as I’m not US resident. If it’s caused by azure settings, it might be better to contact azure support.


Hi @swashburne

Can you please let me know where you found these logs? I am attempting to troubleshoot a similar issue but, as you mention, there’s not much to go on in the studio or execution logs.

Hi @zanekearney

After the process has run, you should see an exception window in the top left corner. Click into it and then hit ctrl+a to grab the text. Copy it to a notepad and take a look. exception_error

I managed to resolve the token issue (so I think I’ve gotten past logging in), but now I’m getting a badArgument error. @Yoichi In your example above, I believe you are returning an array rather than a single value (i.e. First). Have you ever had success in returning a single folder?


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Try put “Documents” in Drive Name and “FullPath of your folder” in Subfolder (e.g. of fullpath = “mainfiles/sales”)