Using Microsoft 365 package activities v2.1.1

Hi, I’m using the Microsoft 365 activity package. I have added the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity and inside it, the Find Files and Folders activity.

The Microsoft Office 365 Scope seems to be working just fine as I’m not getting any errors there, the error comes from the Find Files and Folders activity, and the error I get is the following:
Find Files And Folders: Code: generalException
Message: An error occurred sending the request.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi @Dany_Valdez ,

Refer to the following thread, it might be of some help:


Thanks a lot! I’ll keep working on this with this

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Whatever values you give in scope activity it would not throw any error…so better check the locals panel when run in debug mode to identify the inner exception details and it might contain more info



Can you share the properties of that activity?