Object Repository Properties

Hi, just started working with object repositories and I have a question.

How do you edit the property of an activity in the UI Library? (selector/input mode ect)

There are no options in the project I have created to contain all my UI elements…

and if I try and change the property from within the project that are using the repo, I get…

Which makes sense, but how else am I supposed to modify selector with variables, change input mode, clicktypes, and all the other stuff inside the properties window?

You have to open the Ui Library project directly and edit them there then republish to Orchestrator. Then upgrade the dependency in your current project.

Thanks for your input @postwick , but as I showed in my first image, there is no way that I know of, to access properties within the UI Library? Only edit descriptor and edit element, neither contains properties.

Which propperties would you like to edit?


Any/all properties from within the properties window. Especially “input Mode”, “Click Type” ect. As seen on my screenshot, all changes should be made in the UI Library, but there is no way to set the property of any of the UI Elements in the Library?

How are one to set a property of “Input Mode” = Simulate in the UI Library as advised in the message from my screenshot?

UI Library only defines the target for the activity.
So you could adjust any propperties of the activity BUT those in “Target” section.
Actually if you want to change e.g. ClickType you MUST change this at activity level.


The Selection Options window is the properties. What are you trying to change?

Click Type isn’t a property of the Ui Element. It’s a property of the Click activity in which you reference the element. Ui Libraries are how you specify the object to be interacted with. Activities like Click, Type Into, etc just reference that object.

Thanks, I must have misunderstood the warning message shown.

Still, you need to change the target property when inserting a variable in the selector? Is this still best practise for object repository?