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I am currently attempting to access an outlook mailbox using the o365 activities.

I have created an application on Azure AD, set up the authentication, and input the applicationID into the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity.

The first time I ran my process, I was prompted to grant permission, as expected. I granted permission and the get Mail activity worked as expected.

I now want to use the same project but access items from a different mail box

However, when I enter a new email into the get mail activity I get the error message access denied: please ensure you are authorized to access this account’s mailbox.

I would have expected a new prompt window to pop up saying an application is trying to access [New Outlook Mail Address] please logon to give permission, but instead it looks like it is still remembering/using the old email address that I logged into the first time, using that authentication, and then trying to access the updated mail box.

Does anyone know what I am required to do in order to get the Microsoft Office 365 Scope to prompt me for permissions again, the same way it does the first time the o365 scope is run with a new application ID?

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I’m facing the exact same problem here.

The Office 365 Scope together with Get Mail activity works for my own mailbox, but as soon as I try to Get Emails from a shared mailbox I receive “Access Denied” error. And I have access to that shared mailbox, I can read mails, move, sendOnBehalfOf etc…

@yusuf_aziz did you find a solution in the end? Would appreciate if you, or anyone else, could share a solution.

Unfortunately I did not find a solution to the above question. In my case I created a new application on Azure and generated a net application ID, and used this for the second email address I was trying to access, but I do not believe this will help you, and it did not ‘Resolve’ the issue I had above, it was more of a work around. Sorry

Hi @dVni, @yusuf_aziz ,

I faced similar issue & resolved by referring links given below -

  1. https://www.koskila.net/how-to-fix-aadsts500113-no-reply-address-is-registered-for-the-application-error/
  2. https://github.com/azuread/microsoft-authentication-library-for-dotnet/wiki/Client-Applications#invalid-client
    Hope these links may helpful in resolving issues