Office365 - Send Mail / Message: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again

Hi Everyone,

We aim to stop using SMTP/IMAP in one of our customers and focus on Office365 activities. With the Get Mail activity of the Office365 package, we can successfully perform mail reading operations. However, when we try to Send Mail in the same Microsoft Office Scope, we get the following error.

Send Mail: Code: ErrorAccessDenied
Message: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.
ClientRequestId: 2ecced64-dcc2-47c4-98e2-3565733bcca0

We talked to the IT team and they said that the current authorizations(permissions) are enough. When we ran a script together through Powershell, they successfully sent mail. However, when we do this via UiPath, I get the error we shared with you.

Microsoft Office 365 Scope Properties Screenshot

Send Mail Properties Screenshot

Output Screenshot (Get Mail Successfully Works)

Our Permissions


What is the problem? Thanks in advance.



  1. If you are using shared mail box then these are permissions needed

  1. When using appID and secret Application permissions are enough you need not have delegated

  2. Can you try changing the office365 version and check if the problem persists


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Hi @Anil_G,

Thanks for the reply.

Our mailbox is not shared, but thanks for the remind.

So, I will change the office365 package version and try again. I will inform you after these steps.


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I think permission need to modified or added

Buenas tardes,

Pudiste resolver el inconveniente, presento el mismo inconveniente en 15 robots y aun no logro resolverlo


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