M365 Scope Activity - Authentication Error - OData is Disabled

We have M365 Application setup in our Azure account. I’m using the Application ID, Tenant ID and Secret (not the secured secret) assigned to the application. The M365 Scope activity with Get Mail inside is used. The mailbox we’re trying to open is one of the mailboxes the application has access to.

When we run the code, I receive the attached error. Any insight or guidance in resolving will be very appreciated. Thanks for your time.




In the Azure App that was created to be used with your O365 scope can you confirm that all the proper API permissions were added as specified at this link? Specifically, for Mail you need Mail.Read, Mail.ReadWrite and Mail.Send

Just in case… it can take a while for permissions to fully apply within the azure portal. So if you created the app and immediately tried it may have failed due to that.

Else I would second ChristianVee - check the application settings permissions on the app.

I assume you setup the azure app to use a mail-enabled security group to define what mailboxes it could access as well - otherwise granting permissions for the tenant will allow access to every mailbox.

Yes. Its setup to only access specific shared mailboxes. I will check. Thanks for your feedback

Thanks. I will have our Team review permissions.

I’ve confirmed the application created for UiPath has Mail has Read, ReadWrite, and Send permissions but the Authentication error still occurs. Something is disabled on the Azure side but no one in our Azure Team know what it is and believes its an issue with UiPath.

If you (or anyone reading this) has insight into Azure error messages, please let me know what the below means and how to resolve:

@vgharris08 I am having the same issue here, did you resolve this issue. Please help me out on this. Thanks

@vgharris08 @Kane_Baden1 @ChristianVee Im also having the same issue. Have you resolved this?
I setup a mail-enabled security group with mail accounts that can access. and also API permissions (application) were granted already.

Sorry guys, have dropped off the forums for the most part.

@Beth have you completed the powershell components of the process?