NWBC start search button not working with Uipath

Hey guyz,

I am trying to pullout the user analysis report in NWBC.
Everything is working but when I try to enter the system name in input tab and click “Start Search” button, it is not working. There seems to be an issue with the “Start search” button selector.
please find below the activities in main window :

here, Click input and set text is working. But Click ‘span’ is not working because ‘start search’ button is not getting clicked.
the selector of click ‘span’ is :

i have used htmlwindowname as * and webctrl as WD* in all the 3 activities because the window is dynamic


If the selector is not working, you can use send hot keys, after set text if the search button is immediate use tab hotkey or 2 tabs hot key and a enter hot key


Thanks Anil for the quick reply. I have used the hotkeys
However,Tab hotkey is working as I can see the cursor on Search button when i run the code. But enter hotkey is not working. It is instead going to the last button,i.e, ‘cancel button’.

Am i doing anything wrong here or is there any other alternative?

you dont need to have 3 activities, after set text use type into and then use click before type,-> end->tab->enter all in same activity.


you are genius, divya.
thanx for the solution. I have used type into and then added tab and enter in same activity. It worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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