Number of Queue Items

Is there any way to get the number of New Items in the Queue.

Yes you can.

you can able to get the count by the Output-> QuieItems → variable count.



Hi @balupad14,

I’m having 300 volume in my queue but it only return max number of 100.

How do I change this?

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Hi @Serran_Neru,
I can able to add more than 300 items at same to read. Below I have attached the sample for you.
file : (2.1 KB)

After Added the Queue item:

After read the transaction item.

Note : if possible to share the source.


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Hi @balupad14

I think you got me wrong. This is the case.

Before the robot start processing the queue items, I would like to check how many items are in the queue for the robot to process.

So for that I’ve used Get Queue Items activity and output the variable as QueueItem. Then from there put a code as “QueueItem.Count” to get the count (new status). But it resulting the max number of 100 only.

For example, if i have 300 items in the queue as New status. But using above approach it only resulting as 100 (i think it was set 100 item as default).

Do anyone have better idea on this?

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You can always make a loop when count = 100, x = x + 1 (in skip position) and another count maybe?
For me this is working


Since this has no answer, check this post on how to count the number of items in a Queue:

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can you show how you did this?

implementation example of the skip / Page approach

I know it’s a bit late but hopefully it will help other developers.
I have created a workflow that will count number of queue items (with out API) :
In Argument inQueueName just set your queue name .
the result of the workflow will be stored in Out Argument outTotalItems

The whole idea is looping over queue items where I skip 100 items each loop until the returned queue items is zero.

Using Get Queue Items Activity you can change the status (Successful, IN process…) of the items you are looking to count.

Source code:
GetAllQueueItems.xaml (11.9 KB)

Thanks for posting your source sode. What package am I missing? @amer.jamaeen

Edit. ah! I read Aug 15 like it was last August 15th. Sorry.

This is screenshot from package manager:

and the missed part should look like this: