Get total number of Queue item which in "New" status



Hi Guys,

Before the robot start processing the queue items, I would like to check how many items are in the queue for the robot to process.

So for that I’ve used Get Queue Items activity and output the variable as QueueItem. Then from there put a code as “QueueItem.Count” to get the count (new status). But it resulting the max number of 100 only.

For example, if i have 300 items in the queue as New status. But using above approach it only shows as 100.

Do anyone have better idea on this?


Anyone able to help me on this?


@Serran_Neru,Get queueitems items returns max 100 only.Which scenario are you working on?
Generally we use multiple robots to handle queueitems so that we can process the data faster.So that won’t be the issue


Hi @sreekanth

I need the data because with total number of items that robots will process, I can calculate the estimated completion time. This will help me to manage my team capacity.


You can check the execution time of one item and approximate it to total items


Yes, you are right. In order to do that I need the total items which is in the queue for me to do the calculation.


Since this has no answer, check this post on how to count the number of items in a Queue: