I want to find out how many items are still in the queue


I know that the “GetQueueItems” activity is limited to 100 items. Ok so far that is ok. Because that can be a lot of data if one Item is big.
But I think it would be fine if there would be a possibility to find out the number of queueitems remainig in that queue. I’m thinking about an activity “GetNumberOfItems” with the same options as “GetQueueItems”. The difference only should be that here will be returned the number of remaining items of the disired type/status.
I also think it would not be a big problem to present a solution to this, because the Orchestrator can show these values already.
Alternative: Is there an API which I can use to get the number I want to ask for.
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Hi - you can achieve this by creating a loop. GetQueueItems only pulls 100 items, but you can use the pagination option to help you.
Create a INT32 variable for TotalQueueItems. set it to zero. then put the GetQueueItems action in a loop assign the variable TotalQueueItems to the ‘skip’ field in the GetQueueItems action. In each loop, count the number of queue items. Add the number of queue items to the TotalQueueITems counter. Repeat the loop while TotalQueueItems is divisible by 100 (TotalQueueItems Mod 100=0).

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Thanks for the answer. But this could only be the last thing that I would try to do. Sorry.
Why should I do this while the solution is already there in the orchestrator? The orchestrator can show you the exact number of items that have e.g. the status “new”. I’m only missing an activity or function that delivers this number to my robot.
By the way, what you suggest produces a lot of data that is not really needed, slowing down every process.

We are already waiting for that simple function a lot of time - me over one year- and my post should also be a reminder. I think it would be time to get it. If there was an API to the database I would create that activity myself.

Hi @martinN,

use following api guide it will help you