is it possible to get the no of items in the orchestrator Queue?


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Have a look on the Orchestrator Rest API and do some practical RnD with swagger

start with following endoint

Also have a look here, when consuming the API

Hi @rpa2Ji
Yes you can.

you can able to get the count by the Output-> QuieItems → variable count.

Use Get queue Items to check the count in queue.


Here You can fiter the queue states and priority too

In addition to the alternate of using Get Queue Items (we also do like this activity) keep following on mind

  • The ORC Rest API allows us to ask for the entire count directly
  • The Get Queue Items Activity has a inital max limit of 100

so when more then 100 items are to expect we have to page as well

for paging have a look here:

HTTP Request.xaml (8.2 KB)
Here is demo for remaining items