Processing Items in Orchestrator Queue

Slowly trying to figure out the whole process behind orchestrator and the queues. I’m curious…can you have a robot begin to process items in the queue when the number of items reaches a certain point? Or does it process an item as soon as it is put in the queue. Basically asking how this deployment works, what is the default setting, and are there alternatives? Thanks.

Did you check the user guide regarding Queues and Transactions?

I’m thinking you could have something like this: if you want the same Robot that adds the items into the Queue to process them you could have a condition in your workflow: if countQueueItems>=123 then process them. If you want another Robot to do the processing you can have: if countQueueItems>=123 then Start Job(that processes the items).

In Studio with Get Queue Items activity you can retrieve max. 100 items. For more you can make an API request:$count=true&$filter=(QueueDefinitionId eq 3)

The processing is based on the first in first out(FIFO) principle. So in certain cases an item can be processed as soon as it is put in the queue, but if others were there before they will be processed first.

I hope it’s more clear now.



Yes thank you very much