Notification of the results to users

What do you think of the possibly ways to note users to finish the robot process or errors?

e.g.) send email, pop up window, watch Orchestrator…

Hi @NatsuOK,

I would recommend you to use send e-mail activity to notify the users with errors or processes checks. I only use pop up windows at the beginning of the automation in order to request some information from the user like login data.


how about Integrate skype and make a call or text to user and let him know using text to voice at the end of process? :wink:

I will go with @acaciomelo answer.


Wow it is an interesting idea to use skype and phone call. I’ll try it on my own.
Also I would like to basically use e-mail to notify someone, for my clients(i am a developer). I understood this is the nomal way.