Notify User of Running Processes

Is there any way to notify User about the process working.

Example - I have a Background Process , where it perform certain operation …

I wanted to have a notification kind of something , that would tell user that Process is Running , Or Say, initialization Done , now reading Excel , Grabbing Data for second process etc.

Same way we get in Gmail saying , Sending Emails.

P.S : I want to have this without Orchestrator.

Thanks :blush:

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Use Email activities inside the process to notifying the user.

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Let’s think in a crazy way … In addition to @lakshman answer,

Three things I know, to notify the user:

  1. We can use Email activities as mentioned in the above answer
  2. We have Way2Sms api to send a message to a number or
  3. We have python activities to send a whatsapp message to the user when a particular thing happens but It needs web whatsapp to be running in the same machine

All three worked for me till now :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lakshman,

My Bot takes 5 Minutes to compete the Job , At the end I am sending a consolidated status to the user.

I don’t want to have records of the notifications. It’s just to notify , where the process has reached.

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Awesome :+1:

But I don’t want to save notifications. It’s just like I want the process to say . Same like Toast in Android Apps.


At the each state you have to use Email activities. In Try part, send mail with success kind of message and in Catch part, send mail with failure kind of message.

Similar to alertify in angular right? @mukeshkala,

Thats a good idea ofcourse… Just try invoke Javascript and write a piece of code… Where you can adjust your time span to display the message also…

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@mukeshkala Are you referring to an info to be presented on screen? If yes, you can use Subtitle activity from UiPath Go.

The activity displays subtitle just like what you see in videos. You can manipulate the time and color, very handy during demos.


Yeah ! This is what I was trying to.

Thanks :blush: .

Yes Sure , JavaScript could be a solution . however afraid if script is disabled in other environment . Code may fail.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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