How to notify error to user using mail

i am facing a issue with my BOTs it goes down between 2 to 3 days so I want to automate it,
but am getting confused which one I should used .

Thank you
in advance for help

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did we check with orchestrator alerts

Cheers @shivendrasingh

Hi Palaniyappan
Actually their is nothing about Orchestra we have a BOT which we r running on VM (virtual Machine) so want to trigger a mail if BOT stop or any kind of error.
It Will be help full for me

So may I know where the bot is triggered from
If it’s from robot tray I.e., from your machine itself or from the studio then we can keep the whole sequence of activities inside a TRY block of TRY CATCH activity so that if any error occurs it will go to Catch block where we can use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY


If it is triggered from Orchestrator then the above method of ALERTS will help you
Or even you can include the try catch and let send mail when exception occurs


Hi ,

BOT is Trigged from my machine itself from studio.

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Then kindly try with this method

Cheers @shivendrasingh

Hi @shivendrasingh,

You can wrap the whole code in a try and catch block.

Always use Send Mail activity instead of Others when your bot is running on Citrix Env.

Catch the Exception and Customize your message and send the mail to the mailing list using Send Mail* activity