Process disruption question


I ran into this issue, and trying to root cause it - The Bot is set up to run for 8 hours and send emails with the progress at different intervals. For one of the runs, I received the notification that the process had started but no notifications were sent regarding the progress after that. Has any one run into the issue where the Orchestrator says the Bot is in progress but no activity is taking place?

This issue occurred once and resumed process as usual the following day. Trying to understand what caused the issue to avoid it in the future.


In specific job, check the logs.

If the job started, check if any activities are making the delay.

Also, if ur running the bot in particular machine for first time, it may take some time to update.

You can also reduce the size of project file and try.

If this happens again, try to set the robot to Verbose logging. This will make it much easier to find the issue. Don’t leave it that way however as you will get LOTS of log entries from it over time.