Not showing standard machine option while adding new machine in orchesrator

Hi not showing standard machine option while adding new machine in orchestrator

Hi @adityakaistha47

Follow this steps:

Ensure that your Orchestrator user account has the necessary permissions to create machines.
Verify that the UiPath Robot service is correctly set up and running on the machine where you are trying to add a machine.
Ensure that the Robot on the target machine is correctly configured and licensed.
Check if there are any machine templates set up in Orchestrator that restrict the type of machines you can create.
Make sure you are using a version of Orchestrator that supports the “Standard Machine” option. Check for updates or patches if needed.

I am using community 2023.10 UiPath studio and I am creating first machine

use machine template

Hi @adityakaistha47

In the Latest Version of the UiPath “The Standard Machine” has been Removed and we can only use the Machine Template where we can use this template from different machines.

Machine Template : A machine template enables you to connect UiPath Robots deployed on multiple host machines to Orchestrator, regardless the names of the host machines or the users logging onto them.

can you please guide me how to setup. after setting machine template now I am getting machine key and client id. now where I need to use this and to create robot



In the Orchestrator dashboard, go to the Machines page. This is where you will create your machine and associate it with your Robot.
Click on the New Machine button to create a new machine. You may need to provide a machine name, description, and select a machine template if required. Make sure to enter your Machine Key when prompted.
After you have created the machine, go to the “Robots” page in Orchestrator.
Click on the “Add” or “New Robot” button to create a new Robot.
You’ll be asked to provide details for your Robot, including the Robot Name, Description, Type, and Machine.


Yeah after creating the Machine Template You’ll get the Machine Key you can use this in your assistant

Open Assistant - preferences - Orchestrator settings - make sure you select the Machine Key from the dropdown (if not disconnect and select the Machine Key) - then paste your Machine Key which you have copied - also give the orchestrator url

yes this I have done but I am not able to see how to create robot and assign machine


As you’re working on Latest version of UiPath we have modern folders. So create a folder on your requirement orelse if already created the user will be allocated directly to that folder and no need of adding the user again.

Now, Go to Machines - Create a Machine Template by provding any sample name to it - You’ll get a Client-Id/Machine key - copy that key - Open Assistant - Go to Preferences - Orchestrator Settings - select Machine Key from the Drop Down and provide the Machine Key which you’ve copied earlier