Cannot add new machines to Orchestrator


I am attempting to add a new machine to a development Orchestrator, and I am getting message “An error has occurred”. We should have one more robot license free, is there a limit to how many machines we can add to orchestrator at once?

When setting the Client Binaries, all of the options available lead to the same error:

Hello @william.coulson ,

As Classic folders are deprecating, you might not be able to add standard machines. Instead, you can add machine template and connect robots to that template like this:
You have to go to Tenant → Manage Access → Assign Roles → Select a user → Add Robot(Attended/unattended)

Hope this helps!

Hi @athira.somasekharan,

The same issue occurs when I try to add a machine template:


Check whether you have the access to create
Though it could not be the exact reason let’s check once as there is no limit create any machines in orchestrator

Cheers @william.coulson

Hey @Palaniyappan,

I am using the admin account for the Orchestrator so I should have all admin rights.

Edit: I think a colleague has raised a ticket with UiPath but I will leave this post open until we have feedback from the ticket, as someone may come up with something.

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