How to use "Hardware Events" on a locked robot VM?


When trying to interact with IE’s “Save As…” dropdown, I discovered in this thread that we must uncheck “Simulate Click” and “Windows Messages” in order for the “Save As” item to be clicked.

My understanding is that this is called “Hardware Events”, and the screen where the robot is running must be visible for any “Hardware Event” activity to work properly.

My question:
What if the only way you can automate something is by using “Hardware Events”, but your desire is to use Orchestrator → Robot VM to run the process? In this circumstance… the robot VM screen will not be “unlocked” and visible. From my experience, these “Hardware Events” fail in that case.

Is there any way to run “Hardware Events” on a locked VM… or are you somehow forcing the robot VM screen to be visible (without a human logging in manually) during execution?

Alternately… if we did this particular step in Chrome instead of IE… would we still be facing the need to use hardware events?

I just expanded my mind and got away from the desire to use “Save As…” in IE in the first place.

I changed my process to use Chrome, which doesn’t even pop up a dialog box like IE does. It just automatically places the file in the user\downloads\ directory without any additional interaction… so I can use file activities to pick it up and rename/copy from there.