Error pop up save -> save as internet explorer

Hey guys,

I’m working on assignment 2 on level 3 advanced and i’m encountering an issue with the “save” pop up from the download yearly report page.
my selector isnt working, altho i’ve tried numerous variations of it.
it still wont click it the drop down for the “save as” to appear.
bellow 2 ss with the current state of it.

help would be appreciated!


i forgot to mention (and now i cant edit) that i’ve also tried workarounds like attaching an “attach browser” and contain the sequence with the click save, click save as and so on, i’ve also tried with an “element appear” activity and containing the same sequence, i even tried with hotkeys, still not working.
i do believe i need to refine the selector. thanks

the issue has been resolved with one restart of pc. i have not changed anything in the selector and is now working properly.


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