Not able to select an excel sheet tab correctly




UiPath doesn’t select the designated excel sheet tab on its runtime even though I confirmed that correct selector of the tab is recognized by UiPath. It keeps selecting other sheets next to the designated one.
If you have any solution or a same issue, would you share that with me?

MS Excel version: Professional Plus 2010
UIPath version: 2016.2.6274
OS version: Windows7 Professional 64-bit

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Could you please attach the selector snapshot?



This seems to be related to a selector issue.

Please check if the control name for the sheet name in the selector is mentioned properly or not.
The selector in the attached image mentions the name “Roger” which is the name of the Sheet to be selected.

It would be easier to isolate the issue if you can share the selector.




Thanks all.

Sorry for late reply. I attached the selector image below, so please check this out.

I erased specific sheet names for security reason, but they are wrtten in Japanese.
I implemented UiPath to select sheet2 tab, but as you can see, the red rectangle indicating selected area is not in the right position. The rectangle covers just right part of sheet2. I confirmed XML infromation as well and the information was correct.

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how about set the cursor offset(X/Y) value and position.


well you can use hot keys as well if you know where that sheet will always come…

Move to the next sheet in the workbook - CTRL+PAGE DOWN

Move to the previous sheet in the workbook - CTRL+PAGE UP



Thanks for quick response.

Actually, I tried your solution before and it seemed to work.
Still, I’m just wondering why this happens in my environment since I’ve believed selectors can click what I select.



well is it reliable to depend on coordinates? screen resolutions might change :slight_smile: on system to system and if excel will open in a minimize state then these coordinates will work?. hot key will generate the same thing :slight_smile:


What if sheet name moved its position from 2nd to 4th :stuck_out_tongue:


that is rare. you know the template and can fixed it as your requirement or prerequisite.


Jai ho :rofl:


that is rare. you know the template and can fixed it as your requirement or prerequisite.

and one more thing you can take the all excel sheets name and then can decide at what number it is coming then you can fire that many times your hot key :slight_smile: :wink: :sunglasses:

Note: just have to make sure your active sheet always should be sheet1 so you can go forward :stuck_out_tongue: