Help sending hotkeys in Excel

Hello Community at UiPath,

I am working with a massive excel sheet so I thought the easiest way to start would be to reset it so that the first tab is always first.

I found Excel select sheet / Navigate to a certain worksheet

which recommends sending the hotkeys CTRL + PgUp so I built out a workflow doing just that but for some reason it is not acting as desired I was wondering if there was a specific place that I needed to click to send the hotkeys?

this is my current selector any advice would be greatly appreciated

The selector should just be the “wnd app” line. Send the hotkeys to the app, not an object within the app.

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However, a better way to do it would be to get all the sheet names into an array, then use the value of the first one to create a selector that clicks the first sheet’s tab.

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thank you Paul :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

so I should just send the hotkey to the wnd app line like this?

thank you so much for your time

edit sorry did not realize that uipath killed all of the data inbetween the quotes

Yes try it that way. I notice you just have the workbookName as the title, but you should put * before and after it. When I open a file in Excel the app title shows as “workbookname.xlsx - Excel” so you need * to account for the “- Excel” part. Of course, if you know that only one Excel window is open you don’t even need to specify title in the selector.

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Thank you Paul I will look into how to use wildcards

It’s really simple, works just like normal wildcards.

title="*Excel*" will match any window that has the word Excel in the title.  

title="Excel*" will match any window where the word Excel is the beginning of the title.

title="*Excel" will match Excel as the end of the title.
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