Not able to scrap table inside table using Data Scraping

Hi Team,

I am not able to scrap the table from a browser based application.

This is how its coming whenever I try to scrap.

Please suggest the way forward.

Problem is resolved now. Please see the below approach I followed. It might help.

1. Using UI Explorer find unique attributes of selector which help to identify the required visual row elements
Ex: All the content might be in column 1 and row 1

"<webctrl parentid='ContentColumn' tag='A' isleaf='1' tableCol='1' tableRow='1'/>"

2. Use Find Children activity on the entire visual table to get all the required visual rows
Filter – unique selector identifying all the visual rows (using point 1)


3. Loop through all the found elements (acts as a collection of UI Elements)
4. Use get attribute to get all the data required.

Let me know if some one need any help in this.

Rishi :v: