How to loop through hard-to-scrap table?

Hello team, an UiPath newbie here

I am trying to scrape the table (screen attached). So far tried:
1.Table extraction
2.Data scraping
3. Get Text & Generate Data Table from Text

None of the above worked, probably because this table is badly designed. Spent couple of long hours on that and you are my last resort.

How can I get the data of this two rows and store it in a list?
My last idea is to loop through selectors. If yes, then how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

it depends on structure details

As a last resort we can set up a custom extraction by:

The latter will not go - company’s internal policy does not allow to install custom packages
ad.1 How can I use Find Children? Tried that as well by clicking on File (see screenshot). Then used For Each loop to get the URL as well, but nothing happened.

In a first round analyse the structure details. As we do not know these details we are limited to giving general answers

ok, thanks @ppr
So to give you more background:

The table that you see cannot be spied using data scraping techniques as a whole. I am not able to select the whole table, only separate cells are highlighted.

What I try to achieve is to read the ‘File’ string and then click on ‘File Name or URL’ hidden cell.
Then I want to read the ‘URL’ string and click on ‘File Name or URL’ hidden cell respectively.

I understand that this can be done in a loop, but I’m struggling to read the both rows.

Hope it clarifies the issue a bit.

inspect with UiExplorer / when webage: also with Browser F12 Webtools

a textual description will not give the needed details, for checking the next options

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