Not able to run process using orchestrator

Hi All,

not able to run process through orchestrator in community edition.

Job configuration not valid

closeJob will remain in pending state because of the following reasons:

  1. This job can run only under an account with credentials defined and there is none assigned to this folder.

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pls help


Create a user with robot role and please give the username details…in that of your windows machine



every things looks fine here.


The second NA you see is the problem it needs a domain\username value

Navigate to Yourfolder->Users->edit the User Rakesh Kumar Tiwari-> Unattended setup-> Select use a specific windows account and give the details there


see this

now when i try to run the process, the process goes to pending.


What username did you give?

IS it the correct windows username that you use to login…To find to go to start-> Search system information->Username


i gave username by typing whoami in cmd prompt


Go to machines and check if you have given license there by editing them


i am using my machine.

sorry MyMachine


Yes …please click on 3 dots->edit machine and check the license if unattended is assigned to it


yes, same confiqured.


While running did you select the same machine and robot

And did you assign the robot to folder because you machine shows no robots beside it…click on view robots and assign robot there

And I hope in users you selected robot role


when i click on view robot it shows nothing.

when i click on reset to default it show few robot.


Got to the folder from there go to settings and machines …there click manage machines and add the required machine


not working at all, i deleted everything and started creating everything from beginning, but no luck.

now the automation page is not available for me it’s show “access denied”.


Go to users as admin and give the required access there.

Please follow the steps in the same order


i appreciate your effort from your end but i don’t know why it is not working properly.

can you pls connect for 5 min? to resolve these things

If you go to YourFolder / Monitoring / Machines, you you should see a bunch of green/red/orange boxes illustrating runtimes. Hover over them to see which ones they represent.

  • Check that your unattended robot’s machine has a green box, and not an orange one.
  • Check if your normal User is consuming the unattended license, even while doing nothing.

If Unattended license is consumed by my normal user, i can Sign out my UiPath Assistant on my local PC to make the Unattended license available for other robots after a minute or so.

If you Sign in your UiPath Assistant on your local PC again, your normal user will take whatever licenses is available. Signing out the Unattended machine will make the license free for your normal User again, etc.