Not able to pass in the uipath advance developer first assignment

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I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I am facing a big problem. This is my second post on the same topic. I am not able to pass the first assignment of uipath advance developer training. Whether I have finished the project as per the work around, and the project also running very well. You can find the project in the attachment, please have a look. And I have attached the screenshot of mark last I got. I am uploading the zip file after a successful run, and I am not resetting the work item. (1.9 MB)

Hi @roysourav06,

You need to complete all the work items in the ACME site. you can see it form as below

if you have this kind of result now you can upload your process into the academy

Note: use the same email address for both Academy and ACME
Never reset your ACME data before you upload your workflow they give you result based on your acme result

warning: Be aware about spaces when you generating HASH value always trim your strings

Hi @SamanGuruge

It was a wonderful help. I have passed the assignment. Thank you for the help.

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