Not able to fetch all values from JIRA for custom field


I am able to connect to my jira and also getting values from custom fields.
Issue is when i am getting value from one of the custom field name “Managers List” i am able to fetch only single value but in the field in JIRA there are total 3 values .(same for resource list also)
Check below screenshots.

Kindly help me on same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal !
When you use Screen Scraping (in the ribbon of UiPath) on the manager list field, do you have all the names ?

Hello Mathkar,
First, @Hiba_B put a very good question you need to check this.
You don’t get only one value Because I see Sarangi, Girija so I look that return the first line.
I never use this field so I don’t have the experience to share, but please try also other fields and check where the information appears.
Cristian Negulescu

Sorry , i have not understood ur question . i have not use script scrapping for this , i am using jira activities present in uipath. you wnat me to check with screen scrapping ?

Ok, but if jira is having more than one value in any of the custom field then it will fetch all values or only first value ?

Oh ! I did not understand that you’re using jira activities, sorry for misleading then ^^
I don’t have experience on jira activities, someone else might answer better

ok . but thanks for ur reply

The idea with screen scraping is to see if is the same field could be different fields and base on the name you can understand what to search inside of fields from the connector.

Then turns out that the idea was not that bad :joy:
@Mathkar_kunal here is the tool to illustrate what @Cristian_Negulescu is saying:

Click on it, and indicate the Managers list field by hovering on it.
If you see different fields, then that explains why you’re not getting all the names

using screen scrapping i am able to get both values from field .
@Hiba_B @Cristian_Negulescu

Ok I don’t know how to solve this my only idea is this.
Use SEND REST API RAW activity and there put a JQL command that will return JSON.
Here is an example of a command:

And here is Video on how to extract JQL from the interface:

After you get your correct JSON you have here a dedicated movie:

Ok, i will check first for this JQl