UiPath.JiraSoftware.Models.Issue is an array object type and i need to convert into a string value

I am using Jira Software Integration for UiPath and I downloaded it from UiPath GO!. I am using Search JQL query and in result I am receiving this object type.

UiPath.JiraSoftware.Models.Issue for each item in issues

I need to convert this type of object to a sting value

Can I have a view on the property panel if possible
Cheers @Rajat_16

Hey @Palaniyappan, Thanks for replying. I got the solution :slight_smile:

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Hi Rajat_16,

Please check the User manual (that can be found on UiPath Go, under Resources tab) for more info regarding the Issue object.
You can use the resulted array of objects with a Foreach and access all properties, please make sure to change the type of the foreach item from Object to Issue)


Hey Thanks. I figured out the similar solution. However I am stuck in get attachment activity. If you could help me in this?

Hi Rajat,

In order to obtain the attachments, use Get Issue Attachments activity.

Loop through the resulted array of attachment objects using Foreach activity with item of type Attachment. The “Content” property of attachment object contains the Url from where the attachment can be downloaded (if you open this URL in browser, it will automatically downlod the file).

In the workflow you can either use some VB code to download the file from URL Download File From URL Code VB.NET - Stack Overflow or just use Open Browser Activity with your Jira Url, login, and then navigate to that attachment URL, and use UI automation to click download.

I hope this is helpful.


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can you please share the solution