Unable to do filter with custom activities in Jira


We have some custom activities in our Jira.
When i am filtering without custom activities like project or labels it is showing me proper output but when i am using custom fields to filter like work order action it is giving me following error.
Jira custom field image

command image

error image

With admin access can we get custom field information ?
when i am using any custom field in command giving me above error.
Please help me solve this @Cristian_Negulescu @Hiba_B @Srini84 @deepak.rai6

Hello Mathkar,
If you take a look at my component interface near “Work order action” you have [select] not [TEXT] so try to put on the value 0 1 2 or 3. From my point of view inside of Jira interface, you have a Combobox and you need to understand the logic values and text.
Cristian Negulescu

in jira work order action is drop down box.
I have not understood ur point . where to put value 0 1 2 3 ? can u please explain so i can try

please check in Jira interface where the drop box and start to count the values, If your value is on position 3 then on search value you will put the value 2.
So to understand in a different way the system has inside and ARRAY of String with your values and you need to tell him the Position on the array, from what I remember the array start with 0 for the first position.

just tried but still getting error .
please find below screenshots.

tried with decision type IN also @Cristian_Negulescu