Not able to enter credentials when remote machine is minimized

Hi all,

I have developed and automated a workflow in remote machine (rdp). Which opens a web page n takes data to excel sheet. It is working fine, if I’m in rdp… But when I minimize rdp or disconnect from rdp, strangely the job is failing to enter credentials after opening the webpage.

I am using type into for user Id n type secure text for password.

Your suggestions to over come above issue are highly appreciated.


First question:

  • are you using community edition or enterprise?
  • are you running an unattended robot or attended?
  • are you starting your process from Orchestrator?

It is known that this only work for Enterprise versions. I have the same issue in community edition on the CE platform. When minimizing my rdp session, the robot just looses focus and stops working.

My advise:

  • if you need to monitor your robot, keep your RDP session open, don’t minimize the screen
  • watch your robot (don’t minimize the screen) on your second screen (if you have one)
  • or don’t login and trust your process and check the outcome in orchestrator

If using enterprise you can check this:
some info:

use the search button in the forum. Some of the solutions work for some, not for others. Give it a try to read the other posts, there might be some usefull information in it for you.


Thanks for the inputs provided.

I am using Community edition and Attended bot.
Not using Orchestrator, as we have to implement the current task without using orchestrator.
We have scheuled this Task in task scheduler which should run when RDP is disconnected or logged off or minimized.

Please suggest.

Satish Chaladi

So you want to use an attended robot which actually should run as an unattended robot? You will for sure run into the minimized screen, like i said in my first answer.

So i’m not sure why you would want to use it this way. I only use attended bots with an active session (when the user is logged in to that machine) or when im logged in (for me that is attended). Any other jobs i use unattended bots witch Orchestrator CE.

Why not use the orchestrator CE platform with an unattended bot?

We have a limitation on using orchestrator. Hence need to achieve this without using it.