How to run attended bot on RDP, while minimized?

The user will start job from a remote desktop using assistant. The user will need to input some values at the beginning of the run.

Afterwards, I want the user to be able to minimize the rdp and go back to work on their computer.

How do i ensure the selectors all get found?

Hi @Ayah,

There is a guide for this:

Edit: There are also a handful of other topics with this, all the ones I checked have linked the same link as above

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Thank you! I did it but get the following error when I minimize: Cannot bring the target application in the foreground

:frowning: Any ideas?

P.S. I am using community version


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You can minimise it only if yours is a BACKGROUND PROCESS that is it doesn’t involve any Ui interactions

If your process has any ui interactions then it won’t run if the rdp is minimised

As simple as that

Cheers @Ayah

Thanks for the reply!
But what is this about then ? (Executing Tasks in a Minimized RDP Window)

This is something done on widows registry level which requires admin access

Though you do and it will work based on robot type chosen and with which mode robot is installed

can you check your UiPath run as service mode?
We can check it if UiPath.Service.Host.exe is running or not in TaskManager of OS.

And also check whether you have chosen unattended robot type while creating robot for this


these 2 were running for UiPath.

as for the bot: It is unattended

Hey @Ayah

What do you mean by Minimized here…

Actually attended bots can run only by human supervision in the same user machine where-as the un-Attended bot can run in any server machine remotely provided it is installed in a service mode way.

Hope that helps.