Not able to download gmail attachment when 'MailFolder' is given as 'Inbox' for Get IMAP Mail Messages activity

I am facing an issue while downloading attachments.
When I give ‘Inbox’ under MailFolder property in Get IMAP Mail messages activity then no documents get downloaded.
But if I move these emails under some custom label and then run the bot then the documents gets downloaded.
Kindly help

Hello @Deepa_Madkar ,

Can you provide an screenshot with the Get Imap Mail messages activity?
When you run your robot, from Inbox folder, at least it iterates through emails?
You can see this by adding a Log message or so…


Hi, thanks for replying.
When I run the robot, from Inbox folder, it does iterates.
I had used write line activity in If else condition to verify it.
i.e if mail subject contains a specific word then it should save attachment else there’s a write line activity.
On running the robot, the output shows the write line activity

Please use Gsuite activities instead.

Google GSuite in UiPath - 2 | How to automate Gmail activities in UiPath? - YouTube There is also a video on how to set up the gsuite access


I went through the screenshot u have provided.

  1. May i know which version of uipath studio you are using?, i see its Studio Pro…

I compared your IMAP activity with my IMAP , i see that the properies are differing.
Have a look below , for me its working, i am able to read the “Inbox” folder

You can see above i have compared the properties…
The one in Yellow color box is my IMAP

Okay. Thank u

Thanks. It’s working

may i know how u resolved it.

Actually, there was no issue with the workflow or properties.
The ‘Inbox’ folder is segregated into ‘Primary’, ‘Updates’ and ‘Promotions’.
I was considering only ‘Primary’ section. But there are other 2 sections as well. And those sections are also getting updated with new mails. The mails which I was interested is present only in ‘Primary’. But still all the sections are considered so I had to increase number of mails count to be iterated