Getting Mail from PRIMARY folder (Inbox)

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I want to get some mail from an account, using IMAP. The “Get IMAP Mail Messages” works, but not as I intended. The “Inbox” folder that I selected in the activity properties consists of “Primary”, “Promotions” and “Social”. The activity looks for the mail in ALL THREE of the folders.

Is there any way to make it look only for the mails in the “Primary” folder of Inbox?

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Set the MailFolder argument of the activity to “Inbox/Primary”.

Unfortunately, it did not work.
I get the following exception after changing to “Inbox/Primary”.

Source: Get IMAP Mail Messages
Message: The requested folder could not be found.
Exception Type: MailKit.FolderNotFoundException

Is it able to access the folder by just supplying “Primary” as an argument?

No, it gives the same exception. So far I’ve tried “Inbox/Primary” and “Primary”.

Any other suggestion?

I think the activity is not be able to identify subfolders within a parent folder. Being able to go into subfolders should be added to the UiPath activity.

There is likely a way to do this using visual basic, but it will likely not be convenient.

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Can I have a view on the folder structure in gmail with a screenshot if possible

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This is what I’m talking about. The activity also gets the mail from the “Social” and “Promotions” subfolders of the big “INBOX” folder.

I only want the “Primary” subfolder to be searched for mail.

Thank you, @Palaniyappan

I think Primary is a default inbox tags and if we just mention as “Inbox” in the folder property it will usually get the mails from Primary category
And for others only we need to mention them as sub folder structure.

Kindly Just mention as “Inbox” and try

Cheers @andrei.nicolaescu15

That is what I tried the first time.
Mentioning only “Inbox” gets mail from all three subfolders (Primary + Social + Promotions).

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Hello @andrei.nicolaescu15 @Palaniyappan,

I have the same issue, it’s by default assigned to Inbox however the activity stores from the Primary and Promotions folder