Gmail IMAP attachment download issue

Dear All,

I use Gmail IMAP to download email attachments getting from customers into our common mailbox.

In same case the Save Attachments activity is not able to identify and download any attachments from specific email address. I can see the email itself in the mailbox with the attachment, but somehow UiPath flag the email as “without attachment”. Has anyone experienced this kind of issue?


I am facing the same issue. The bot is able to download the attachments from some emails and for some, it is reading the mails but not downloading the attachments. Did you find a solution to this or at least a reason for this anomaly?


Unfortunately I still no have solution for this issue. If you find any solution or you have any information what colud be done please share with us.

Thank you.

Hi @erika027 and @divyansh,

Have you referred the below one?

I hope It might fix your problem.

Hi all,

has anyone found a solution for this issue?

I have the same problem. In most cases the attachments from Gmail are saved properly, but now I found some mails where I can see a normal PDF attachment in Browser, but it is by the Activity “Save Mail Attachments” not found at all.

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