Can't download attachment from Gmail Message

I have massive problem with saving “attachment” from Gmail inbox. The mail message I’m receiving is sent by bot, API I assume with .xlsx attachment in it. It looks really normal when I open it manually in inbox. Simple message with attachment.
But when I’m trying to get this gmail message attachment through UiPath (using GSuite), this particular Gmail object has 0 attachments. I searched through all it’s properties and headers - nothing can be found there.
When I manually forward this received message to myself again, and then try to get mails in Studio - now the attachment can be perfectly found and saved in Studio.
Now, I have few concerns of how to do it or how to walk around it:

  1. Download somehow this attachement from gmail message object in Studio - maybe someone of you already faced this issue?
  2. Try to forward this message to myself in Studio - but I can’t find suitable activity to do this with Gsuite (SMTP cannot be used here, as this is account correlated with company account, policies, etc.)
  3. Try to schedule automatical forwarding directly in Gmail Account Settings - I tried to follow videos with instructions, but my account can’t set Filtering Rule with forwarding, probably due to company policies.

Can anyone please advise how else can I manage to download this “weird attachment” ?