Not able to detect pop-up in edge browser while performing edge migration

I have an application where it will prompt for credentials
In IE the pop-up is as shown in below pic

Whereas in edge -

Here my issue is, I am able to get selectors for pop-up which is present in IE but I am not able to get selectors in edge browser.

Ui explorer is not detecting pop-up in edge.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Kondagari_Mounika

Are you able to detect other elements on Edge.


Hi Suraj,

I am able to detect other elements in edge, I have uipath extension enabled.


Please let us know if you are able to detect Sign in button or the username fields on the pop up?


Not able to detect neither text box or sign in buttons

Is it possible to share the link?


Can you try with Image Automation like “Click Image” and “Image Exist” activities. If that would serve the purpose.



You’ve installed the IE-Extension right.

Could you please reinstall the extension from studio and try it again…

And also clear the cache from the Edge