Cannot find a selector for a popup window inside IE browser

Hello People!

Once I hit a url in IE, i get a popup window. When trying to inspect the close button, it is highlighting the complete browser window.

I am not able to inspect even the login fields.

can someone please help?

Note: My requirement is to work only with IE browser.

Is it possible to share the url or the popup image

Sorry, thats a client specific url… I will not be able to share them!

Is the popup a windows popup or a element within the webpage.
Does your popup somewhat resemble the below image?


If the popup is similar and unable to identify it, just open the UIExplorer and check if the below selector is valid. Generally, the IE popups have the same classID


Alternatively, if the popup occurs every time and you just want to close it, try to send a escape key on the entire browser window.

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Hi. Its not like this popup modal…
However I tried the below way and resolved it.

  1. Go to UIExplorer and change the UIFrameork from Default to UI Automation


I am now able to inspect the element! :smiley: :star_struck:

Hope this helps!!



I have the same issue where an iexplore popup cannot be found by my automation. I need to check if this popup appears as it’s telling me of duplicate data.

My selector is
It validates/highlights correctly but when run nothing happens. I have tried On Element Appear, Element Exists, Image Exists but nothing works.

Any ideas please as my limited knowledge is exhausted now.


selector is as above but with a different title text "title=‘Message from webpage’

Bundle of Thanks