Edge Browser Support

Hello all!

I was wondering if there was any update on bug fixes or general support for Microsoft Edge. I have an internal requirement in my organization to migrate our processes to Edge instead of IE or Chrome. We have several bots running on Chrome at the moment. When going through my selectors to update the process, I noticed that any Edge framework selectors are not detected (eg. CTRL+F search bar).

I of course have the Edge Extension Enabled. It generally works fine, I can indicate most elements on the web page. The problem exists solely in the inability to select elements inside of the Edge framework.

I read that there are many known issues regarding Edge support and am curious if there is a timeline for better support for the browser.

Hi, are you talking about “old” edge or the new chromium base one?

Old version as this Org will likely not be updating to Chromium version for a while (We’re a little slow when it comes to these things)

ok, support there is for that version of Edge, but are you saying that you automated chrome itself? like the functions that each browser provide, like using control+f to find stuff in the pages, this is something outside of the scope of the uipath activities, therefore that will have to be re develop by you…