Not able to click enter in the browser

I am trying to enter the data in the text field available in the browser and click on enter to submit the data to server.
I am able to succeed in entering the data but not able to click enter button.

I tried by using HotKeys
2) “8.00[k(enter)]”
3) Click enter in different text box

Please help to push data to the server after clicking the enter button


welcome to uipath community
we can use SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as tab which will get us to next cell or any other key that takes us to next cell can be mentioned
–followed by use another SEND HOT ACTIVITY with key as enter which will click on it
its more like how we do with keyboard without using mouse

hope this would help you
Cheers @ereddy068

Try “8.00”+"[k(enter)]
Also, make sure that type into is on default settings( SimulateType and SendWindowMessage are unchecked)

I was trying in Edge browser and it didn’t work.
Now I tried in the Chrome browser and it worked.
I am not sure why it didn’t worked in Edge.

Can anyone explain why it didn’t worked in Edge?
Is there any compatabilities issues with Edge?

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usually i would suggest to go for IE by default as uipath support IE without any extension and is more reliable than anyother browser with uipath
–and if we want to do with chrome then we need to install chrome extension so that we would be able to select the element and use them
–while edge we again need to install Edge extension
kindly check once whether its installed or not

Cheers @ereddy068