Not able to automate Putty 0.67



I’m trying to load a saved session in putty0.67. Not able to capture any informative screen or selectors using Indicate on screen. Please help to resolve this


For automate putty you need to try with image based Automate

JothyPrasanth M


@jothyprasanth.m can’t even select images using ‘Indicate on screen’/‘take informative screenshot’


U can try with Region on the putty screen


What version of Putty? I did automate Release 0.60


Release 0.67


nope, didn’t work


Hi @yogeshgyw

Try running the Studio as Administrator. It should allow you to capture the selectors.


Nope, not working


Did you try with UiExplorer? This selector did help me to click the Load button:

<wnd app='putty.exe' cls='PuTTYConfigBox' title='PuTTY Configuration' />
<wnd aaname='Load' cls='Button' title='&amp;Load' />


It is strange, because I tested it myself with Putty 0.67.

It would not capture selectors with Studio launched normally, but worked nicely when I open my Studio with administrator privileges:



Even uiExplorer not able to fetch selectors. Thanks for the selectors


quite strange, I guess it may be because of the environment I’m working on. But I’m able to capture other application other than putty. Its a server with limited privileges.