Putty connection using Terminal session activity

Need to automate putty application using UiPath.
What is the way to do this…
Any specific providers that are needed?

I am also looking for same login to putty application using UIpath? how do we achieve this?

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Hi there @responce4me,
Unfortunately, I know we’ve had difficulties achieving this with Terminal Integration activities.

As such, we’ve resorted to using the standard Type Into/Send Hotkeys, alongside Screen Scraping/Parsing to achieve the same result.

With that said, hopefully someone can provide a solution.


Hi Akhi,

Did you able to perform an operation on Putty using Ui Path.

I tried and it is working for me using Hotkey and data scrapping method to perform and retrieve the data from the putty application.

Vivek S.

Can you please help me which method you used to scrap data?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Pathrudu,

I used the Screen Scraping method.
Just open the putty and point the screen scraping to putty.

you can use the Get full-text method to read the text from putty too.

Let me know if you request the demo .xaml file.

Vivek S.

I tried with Native, Full and OCR also. But problem i am facing is couldn’t able to find selectors for putty. if possible please share me demo file.


Please refer attachment.

Putty_Demo - 1.xaml (23.7 KB)


Thanks for your help!!! the issue i am facing here is different i couldn’t able to identify the window of putty? do i need to make any changes in putty in order to identify?


We can go stepwise

  1. are you able to open Putty - Done
  2. Able to Send a hotkey to perform the operation - Done
  3. Reading text from Putty - Failing

Is this observation is correct?

If the same issue persists please check with any other desktop application where you could perform this operation. If you are able to read the text from other application the issue with Putty else issue with UiPath.

Happy to help further. Send above observation slight_smile:

The link does not work, can you please provide a good link.