Not able to access xltm file in uipath

Hi All,

I am trying to access xltm file in uipath .Seems excel application scope can only work with xls, xlsmand xlsx. I have tried with workbook activities buut no luck. can someone help me with accessing this xltm file?

@Automation_Shyam You can use invoke code here.

@Automation_Shyam Yes UiPath doesn’t support for xltm extension (Valid extension are xls,xlsx and xlsm). You can use open application or Start Process activity to open the file.

Sequence21.xaml (5.3 KB)

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Can you share us a sample xltm file?

So that we can try

Thank you

I cant share the file since it contains financial data of customer.

Hi guys,
I solved the problem by converting the format of file from xltm to xlsm. i.e from macro enabled template to macro enabled workbook. Hope the client approves this. I will let you guys know if client doesnt approve this then we can look for a workaround,


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