Macro with .xlsm extension not being accepted by UiPath



I’m trying to execute a Macro with UiPath. For do so I’m using an Excel Application Scope with the name of the Excel file that contains the macro code, that means that this file has an .xlsm extensión. Inside of the Excel Application Scope I’m using the activity Execute Macro.

However, UiPath pops an error when reacing the Excel Application Sope activity and trying to open the .xlsm Excel File (“This extensión can not be used with the selected file type. Change the file extensión in the File name text box or select a different file type by changing the Save as type”).

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot!


Hi There,

I just ran into the same issue and I was wondering whether you found any solutions. Thanks in advance.



I’m looking for a solution for this as well!


I think your office/excel installation blocks the xlsm files. Is it working if you open the same file, manually in Excel?


Yes, it works when opening the .xlsm file manually. But when executing the robot, and it reaches the point where it has to treat the file, pops up the alert window.