Hello, I’m noob in automation and study UiPath he dows 2 days.
Beyond the corses, I do project inspirad in my criative too.
I don’t speek english and I have doubt ( I do not use translator )

How do I do for search in the Browser ?

Create a robot that opens the dialog box that asks what you want to type in google search, although, take the dialog box in the variable and click automatically in the site relation in the search.


Dialog Box - Cookie Chocolate
Result - Search and open a facebook page related to Cookie Chocolate

Thank you.


check this example
test.xaml (9.0 KB)


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Hi @Hendrix_Santos

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Don’t worry, you are in the best company on the forums. Plenty of people who can assist if you put in the effort.

Have you tried the UiPath Academy? UiPath Academy

What languages do you speak? More people can then connect with you.




I basically created the same robot but with different functions.

But I want to make an evolution of this, for example, my robot already searches on google automatically like yours, but I want for example :

Search Neymar on Google

I make the robot enter directly into the Official Neymar’s Instagram


Search Russian War on CNN

And the robot selects the most relevant news.

Understood ?

well, those kind of parameters need to be developed, if you want to click any link after the search, you need to perform the proper activities for your requirement, example after searching neymar, then search for neymar instagram and click on mid, using get text and click activities to catch the correct link, if you dont know a lot of uipath you can also go through the academy and watch the courses

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