Google Search Page not recognizing my question


Complete UiPath RPA Developer Course: Build 7 Robots

Problem (2)

Chapter: 30. Open Browser and Search

I am building a robot with the help of lecture.
I created a process as follows:

• Main
• Sequence
• Input dialog
• Sequence
• Open browser
• Do (sequence)
• Type into

Here I run the file and it asked for a city name. I typed Cairo but on the google search page didn’t recognize the question .

However the instructor did it in the lecture and it recognized the question in the google search page and searched for “Cairo weather in Fahrenheit”.

So I need help to understand if I am doing something wrong. I am stuck.

Aijaz (Student)

Please Send your flow…

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Thanks bro. I am unable to attach the excel file that shows the flow. It says I am new user and not allowed to upload file. So I am trying to copy paste flow. If it does not work, could you please give me your email address and I shall send you the attachment.

Below is flow copy paste
1.1 Sequence (Sequence)
Private = False
1.12 Ask for a city name (InputDialog)
Title = Get the weather
Label = Enter a city name
IsPassword = False
Result = city
Private = False
1.2 Get the weather (Sequence)
Private = False
1.3 Open Google (OpenBrowser)
Url =
BrowserType = IE
Private = False
1.4 Do (Sequence)
Private = False
1.5 Type Into Google search (TypeInto)
Text = city+" weather in Fahrenheit"
Activate = True
Selector =
Private = False

check selector…

Please guide me further. I cannot find selector
Thank You